ER-grade IV treatments, in a more comfortable setting

When you have a migraine attack, our same-day IV care option is there for you. During normal business hours, you can receive ER-level interventions at a partner clinic or at home, tailored for your specific symptoms.

At a partner clinic

Our partner clinics are located throughout California. IV treatments at a partner clinic may be covered after you pay your usual co-copay or coinsurance.

At home

At-home infusions are available for when your migraine attacks are at their worst. These treatments are not covered by insurance, but are available for a flat fee of $399  - often cheaper than your copay or coinsurance at the ER.


Is getting same-day IV care safe?

Absolutely. All treatments that Haven's partners offer are typical, effective, non habit-forming medications. We never prescribe opiates or barbiturates as a part of our care plans. You will also be under the supervision of a registered nurse or nurse practitioner for all treatment sessions. We also place limits on the number of treatments you can receive so that you need to check in with your provider if your prevention plan is failing.

How will I feel after?

While patients typically feel better within an hour of receiving an IV treatment, it's common to feel relief from migraine symptoms like nausea and vomiting as soon as the IV treatment starts.

How long does the procedure take?

Infusions might take shorter or longer depending on the medication your provider recommends, but a typical IV treatment is usually done in under an hour.

Does insurance cover same-day IV care?

Treatments received at our partner clinics are covered by your insurance (minus a copay or coinsurance). Home treatments are not covered by insurance, but are typically a flat rate of $399—less than an ER visit would cost.

Do I have to be a Haven member to receive this treatment?

Yes, we only prescribe IV treatments to patients formally diagnosed with migraine and under the supervision of our specialists.

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