With Haven, you have a plan for headache and migraine management

Fast and convenient virtual care

Proactive headache monitoring

Options for relief - without the ER

Preventive and acute care plan creation, with a headache specialist

Our headache specialists work with you to provide a clear, personalized plan for mild, moderate and severe headache days. You’ll have numbers to call, a medication list on hand, personalized pain management tactics, and more. Your team has your back.

Proactive headache monitoring and care

At Haven, we’re with you every step of the way. Through our digital Migraine Diary, your care team can track your pain, spot your headache or migraine trends, and automatically reach out during extended migraine attacks to activate your care plan.

Relief for your worst migraine attacks, without the ER

We partner with top-tier clinics, to provide our patients with access to same-day, in-home IV care, and in-clinic treatments for immediate relief from your most severe headaches and migraine attacks. Skip the long waits and high costs of the ER and experience fast, effective treatment in your home or a nearby infusion center.

Your membership also gives you access to:

In Southern California

Botox and nerve block treatments

Black Man taking CGRP monthly auto Injection in thigh

The latest generation of migraine treatment

Insurance navigation and cost assistance

A Haven membership offers you access to experts who can help you navigate insurance, and manage medication costs.

Relief, Much Faster

Traditional Headache Center

First appt
Within 2 weeks
6 months to 1 year
Follow up appointment on your time
Takes 2 to 6 months
No referral needed for PPO
Virtual Appointments
Migraine medication management
Latest care protocols (including CGRPs)
Botox for chronic migraine
Nerve blocks and trigger-point injections
Care for migraine attacks
Fast discovery of the right treatment for migraine attacks
Same/next day ER-level IV therapy for worst migraine attacks
Insurance and Care Navigation
Expert prior authorization help
Coupon and savings program navigation
Mental health navigation

We’re here to help you manage your headaches and have more good days.

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