Botox and nerve blocks in Southern California

We’ve partnered with experts in your area to provide pain-easing migraine procedures.

Covered by insurance

Care by our partner centers are covered by your insurance, after copays and coinsurances.

Every 12 weeks

You receive Botox injections for chronic migraine every 12 weeks. Nerve block injections generally occur at more frequent intervals.


How is Botox for chronic migraine different than cosmetic Botox?

It is the same medication. While you might experience some typical cosmetic Botox "wrinkle reductions," the majority of the 31-injection clinical protocol for migraine treatment is in the neck, shoulders, forehead, and temples, and serves no cosmetic function. Botox has been approved by the FDA for chronic migraine care since 2010.

Is Botox for chronic migraine covered by insurance?

Most insurances cover Botox for chronic migraine with a prior authorization, and a chronic migraine diagnosis from your doctor. Haven's headache specialists can work with you to navigate these elements.

How effective is it?

A positive response to clinical Botox usually provides a 30-50% reduction in the frequency and/or severity of the headaches you have. Most people need at least 2-3 treatment cycles before deciding if Botox is effective for them, and some people notice an improvement in their quality of life with Botox treatments even if they don't have a big reduction in headache days. Doctors will also consider any improvements in your quality of life.

How often do I need Botox for it to be effective, and how long does it typically last?

Botox is typically given every 12 weeks. Most people need at least two treatment cycles before deciding if Botox is effective for them, and it often takes around 10 days to feel the effect.

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